Animation – will it make a difference to my sales?

Animation is…



All animations need a story, something compelling and interesting to watch, a story that viewers want to share with other people. Stories have meaning and subsequently are more memorable. Think carefully about the story your product tells and focus your animation to be simple and clear about one story, don’t overcomplicate, it will only dilute your message.


Creating movement in your sales material, you instantly elevate your chances of being remembered by prospects. Moving imagery is simply more engaging and memorable than static imagery. It’s not rocket science, but it is true.

…time saving

If there’s one thing that people are always striving to create more of, it’s time!
Ask yourself, would you rather relax and watch a 2 minute animation or read lengthly articles and blogs? A quick introduction, concisely produced and informative allows the viewer to decide if they are interested or not.

…great for sharing

People are far more likely to share an engaging movie than a page of text an images – “Hey Bob, watch this it’s awesome and exactly what we are looking for!” Bob is much more likely to watch a quick movie that take time to read and digest a page of text. Sharing improves word of mouth and brand awareness.

The perfect place to share your animations is on You Tube or Vimeo, don’t forget to link your animations to a page on your site and disable those thumbnail options at the end, the last thing you want is your clients being distracted by competitor animations!




Youtube and Vimeo are great places to share



By stimulating through visual and sound you are attracting twice the impact and increasing the information you can share.


Naturally if you mention animation people instantly think of films like Toy Story and Finding Nemo. Whilst perfectly achievable, these types of animation do incur impressive budgets and are rarely a chosen style for promotional corporate animation. There is a diverse range of animation styles out there to choose from, starting with 2D infographics that can be carefully choreographed using imagery and typography to create a great company intro without braking the bank, to developing photorealistic 3D productions for those products and brands that demand more impressive presence!

…great for SEO

Google loves movies, they complement your website and add another tick in the box for your optimisation, retaining visitors for longer periods and improving those all important stats.


Captivating a client’s attention and imagination increases the likelihood of them remembering your brand and wanting to see more. Clients who engage with you and spend time with you are more likely to do business with you.

…expressing your personality

Written words about products and services can sometimes be misread, incorporating humour can be especially hard. With animation you can really express your company personality, enforcing your brand image.

…utilising assets you already have

Animation is a collection of assets (products) moved around in a scene. The assets can take time to create, but there’s a saviour! Most companies that make products already have their assets created by the drawing office. 3D Engineering drawings can be utilised saving lots of time. Are you making the best use of your 3D assets?

…perfect for product demonstrations

Are you developing a new product? Animation is the perfect platform to show off your products. Animate function, annotate detail and demonstrate capability – call achievable before you’ve produced the actual product. A tool that effectively sells, ahead of production.

…integrated with video

Video productions are perfect to show the finished product (if you have it), adding animation can show beneath the skin, bringing to life the heart of a product, placing the product in a situation where video would be complicated or expensive. Animation makes the perfect complement to video, adding an additional level of information that video alone cannot achieve.


Everyone loves something to play with! Go one step further with your 3D assets and create a tool that can be interacted with through touchscreens, tablets, apps and online. The world is your oyster with Interactive solutions, which are perfect for keeping visitors engaged at events, product demonstrations and training.

…about goal setting

One last and very important note. All animations you create need to have a goal.
Just like all your other marketing avenues, take time to initially consider what you would like your animation to achieve, who your target audience is and what information you would like to share with them. Consider the viewers’ action, what would you like them to do at the end of watching the animation?


In summary

Keep your animations, short, simple, interesting and informative to maximise engagement with your clients.

Animation is a powerful way to tell your story, the possibilities are endless, the only limitation is your imagination.


What next?
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