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Make Us

Too many times we’ve welcomed clients who have been underwhelmed by large, cumbersome and costly agencies. The Tandem model is different – Our aim is to leave in all the gooey chocolate bits you like, then ditch the rest.

The essence of Tandem – our personal, collaborative approach makes relationships intuitive: we simply ‘get it’. Learning more about you and your industry not only makes creative more relevant and campaigns smoother, you’re more likely to grab a coffee or beer and enjoy a project meeting, rather than the opposite.

Tandem creative

Inside knowledge,
outsider perspective

We honestly believe that a client-supplier relationship can only go so far. We’ll become the over-eager interns at your company;  listening, learning and giving you whopping insights as only an informed outsider can. You might even get a coffee.

is key

If you’ve got an office job yet constantly advise your plumber here’s some front page news: they can’t stand you. When it comes to your business, we trust you to know your stuff  – and you in return trust us to deliver what we do best.

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Never the
easy road

Crazy trust exercises done, we’ll be able to guide you honestly. We won’t say yes just to tick you off the job sheet unless we feel it’s right thing for you – and we trust you to do exactly the same to us. Working as a single entity we can do great things – faster.

Plan to

Thriving under pressure is all well and good – but planning is everything. We’d much rather have the job done with time to spare before the big day so we produce better work, leaving you to strut into that boardroom cool as a cucumber.

creative planning and development

Seeing the
big picture

Because we think big, we’ll help you plan for the next step; from simple data capture to referral traffic, helping you get the most out of even the smallest job.

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every job

The satisfaction of a freshly painted room, a clean driveway or nailing the solo to Sweet Child of Mine after months of practice – we work with you so we all learn, create and enjoy as much as possible so even difficult or long projects feel less and less like work.


is what drives us.

Kevin Cowlard
Kevin Cowlard

Owner, planner and casual BMX racer. Kevin will normally be your first port of call, if he’s not out on one of his motorbikes.

Marc Lohez
Marc Lohez

Creative Lead, chief sarcasm officer and general troublemaker. Marc will be there to bring your brand to life, unless that is he’s not cycling, eating – or both.